Mice cable pin arrangement

set up your paracord cable for a different manufacturer and or model


you sholud always use the plugs/connectors to remove the cable
never pull the cable, never pull the inner cables!
handle it like a thin golden necklace
remember, this cables made to be as flexible and light as possible


there is no shielding inside my cables
because of that, the black thick cable (shield) is missing

Heat shrink

the cable comes with three parts of heat shrink

  • adjust the cable length and or direction (next to the internal plug)
  • prevent the cable from coming out of the shell / stress relief (transparent shrink)
  • cable routing (outer shell) / little kink protection (bigger black one)


cable will be shipped inside the next 2-3 days after payment

Shipping time

I always use „Deutsche Post“ from Germany
countries and running times
(from my experience you should always add a couple of days)
Unfortunately there is no border crossing tracking to Canada (missing contract?)